Waste Control in a Food Handling Environment (Importance, Types, Requirements)(7 min)

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4 thoughts on “Waste Control in a Food Handling Environment (Importance, Types, Requirements)(7 min)”

  1. If it is a home-based food business is it acceptable if the local municipality removes the garbage only once a week but in the business, all other protocol regarding waste management is followed?

    • Hi Veni,

      If it is a small home-based, and where the home-based business is not zoned as a business premises, then yes, it will still be regarded as a residential area and waste removal once a week is acceptable.

      Keep in mind it also depends on the amount and type of waste. If the home-based business produces a lot of waste and it cannot be stored properly (garbage bins with tight-fitting lids), it might pose a food safety risk and additional measures must be taken to remove the waste.

      You always need to look at what food safety hazard the waste can cause and then act accordingly. Remember waste also attract pests (flies, rats, cockroaches, etc.).

      Have a great day!

      ASC Consultants

  2. HI

    For a small company making baby food what are the requirements for how many bins?
    is one bin fine if taken out daily and inside a drawer?

    • Good day Merel,

      Yes, as long as no pest infestation is observed, there is minimal risk of contamination, the bins are cleaned, and there are hygienic waste control practices in place (no overflow of waste, plastic liner in the bin, waste container is clean).

      Please note waste bins in the food handling area should also be emptied, washed and sanitised at the end of each day.

      Kind regards,

      ASC Support


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