Categories of Food Safety Hazards (18 min)

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  1. Often I hear that processed and food that has been smoked such a ham, sausage, polony etc…causes cancer. Is this true or not?

    • Hi Eric,

      It depends on how long you have been exposed to these chemical elements and the concentration that gets absorbed into your blood, body tissue and bone structure.

      When you have been exposed to these chemicals in excess levels over a short period and they are in your bloodstream, the body can rid itself of these chemicals (a few weeks / or one or two months). So a short period, for example, a few weeks, is not really a major issue. The problem is when your body is exposed over a sustained long period of time (many CONSECUTIVE months or years), and then they get absorbed by the body tissues and bones.

      In the body tissue – If the chemical is also found in your body tissue, it can take several months DEPENDING on the amount your body has absorbed. This means either the concentration or levels of exposure was not that severe but equally, it was bad enough that not only your bloodstream absorbed these chemicals but went on to your body tissue as well.

      In the bones – If you have been exposed to excess levels over a long period (years), and it gets into your bone structure, it may take many years and even decades for these chemicals to excrete your body if they have been exposed into your bones. Unfortunately, your body will of course show symptoms of exposure, which varies depending on what chemical it is.

      In short, the levels that one gets exposed to, including the period of exposure matter. If it’s a short period and it is not extremely excessive, a human body is fully capable of dealing with that but if bioaccumulation is over a long (and sustained) period, then it certainly becomes an issue.

      Kind regards,

      ASC Consultants

  2. Can indirectly added chemicals be expelled from the body over time when exposure is stopped or do they remain in the body?


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