What is Regulation R638 and Table of Contents (180 min)

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  1. This is what i received from my supplier for burger patties. Is this in line with the regulation?

    We send our patties frozen and if slightly thawed you may defrost them. You are welcome to refreeze defrosted patties, but only once and be careful and vigilant by controlling the temp. As in, don’t take the patties to room temp and then refreeze it. Meat goes off if there are fluctuations in the temperature it is being stored at. So best to keep it around 3 degrees if storing defrosted patties and then either take to room temp to cook or refreeze (albeit last resort)

    • Hi Darren,

      The temperature control of food will be discussed in Module 3, Lesson 10 (regulations R638 requirements) and Module 6. We are confident you will find the answers to your question in these sections. If not, please let us know.

      ASC Consultants

  2. Good day,

    I want to know when food comes from another facility (restaurant), and we sell the already made food that was made the same day at our tuck shop, must the pre-packed cooked food first cool for 2 hours and then put in the heating display unit? 60 Degrees?

    Kind regards

    • Hi Alet,

      The food should NOT be cooled down if you are going to put it in the heating display immediately. Keeping the food as hot as possible during delivery is preferable. You can ask the restaurant to put the food in a suitable container to insulate the heat. The delivery time and the time after cooking and putting in the heating display should be as short as possible.

      Keep in mind food can only be reheated once. If the food’s core temperature dropped below 60 degrees Celsius and the heating display unit is used to bring the core temperature of the food to 60 degrees Celsius, it is already considered a re-heating process.

      If piping hot food is put in the heating display unit it can still be re-heated once thereafter if all temperature control measures are followed correctly.

      Kind regards,

      ASC Support


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