Regulation R638 Explained Learning Outcomes

After completing this module, the learner will be able to understand –

  • What Regulation R638 is.
  • The definitions of Regulation R638 and their meaning.
  • The requirements to obtain and maintain a Certificate of Acceptability and the process to follow.
  • The requirements for the food premises.
  • The requirements for the facilities of food premises.
  • The requirements for food containers, appliances, and equipment.
  • The requirements for the display, storage, and temperature control of food products.
  • The requirements for protective clothing.
  • The duties of the person in charge.
  • The duties of the food handler.
  • The transportation of meat and meat products.
  • The transportation requirements for food products.
  • Exemptions, additional requirements, reservations, offenses, commencement, and the repeal of the Regulations.