Regulation 8 – The Display, Storage and Temperature of Food (15 min)

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4 thoughts on “Regulation 8 – The Display, Storage and Temperature of Food (15 min)”

  1. I’m a little confused about the the process of defrosting frozen goods. For example, I will have burger patties that will be frozen +5 degrees i can still refreeze?

    I think i’m confused about the temp exceeding >+5 degrees. Should it not be less than 5 degrees then i can still refreeze?

    • Hi Darren,

      Please note the temperature of +5 degrees you refer to is considered “chilled” food. If the patty was frozen (colder than -12 degrees) and then thawed, the patty can only be refrozen if the core temperature of the patty never exceeded +5 degrees (meaning hotter than +5 degrees). This means during the thawing process the patty should not be hotter than +5 degrees at any given point and time. The cold chain for frozen food should always be maintained from the supplier to preparation and should never be thawed and re-frozen more than once.

      ASC Consultants

    • Hi Wian,

      Thank you for the update. Yes, it seems the NRCS website is down at the moment. We have removed the link in the training for now.

      Kind regards,

      ASC Support


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