Regulation 6 – Facilities on Food Premises (30 min)

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2 thoughts on “Regulation 6 – Facilities on Food Premises (30 min)”

  1. Good day MT,

    Do you think a micro-swab is necessary for our kitchen as we only bake rusks in it which is a dry product. It gets baked for 25 minutes and then air dried for about 7 hours.

    Looking forward to your feedback.

    Kind regards

    • Good day Gerhard,

      Yes, it is. The regulation requires that food contact surfaces be tested for TMC count. Food Safety standards on the other hand require that your testing schedule be informed by validated and verified risk assessments. So you would need to write factual SOPs that inform what you test for and what you do not test for except if explicitly stated by the regulation.

      Perhaps what would be different in this case would be the frequency of testing and organisms you would test for, since the product is low risk. It would most likely be less frequent, and you would only test the product for very few organisms. You would use the product’s final water activity as a motivation. Furthermore, there have been documented instances where Staphylococcus aureus (from food handlers) has contaminated rusks and resulted in food poisoning. So you will be expected to produce lab results proving that there is no contamination since your product involves manual handling.

      I hope this answers your question?

      Feel free to seek further clarification.

      Kind regards,


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