Regulation 4 – Prohibition of the Handling and Transportation of Food (10 min)

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4 thoughts on “Regulation 4 – Prohibition of the Handling and Transportation of Food (10 min)”

  1. Realistically though, how often do the inspectors come round after you’ve been issued the COA? I went to a restaurant the other day who had a COA displayed, but their food made me wonder what is truly going on in that kitchen, and when last they were inspected.

    • Hi Karin,

      According to norms and standards Notice 943 of 2013 gazetted on 20 September 2013 by the Department of Health, under Section 15: Food handling premises (56), the following should be done:

      Environmental health should conduct an annual site-specific risk assessment of each food premise and, based on the results of the assessment, assign a risk category for each food premises as high, moderate or low for own record purposes. Informed by the risk profile of specific food premises, environmental health inspections should be conducted on all food premises as follows:

        Not less than once every three months for high-risk food premises;
        Not less than once every six months for moderate-risk food premises; and
        Not less than once every 12 months for low-risk food premises.

      However, this is an ideal situation if the we had enough EHPs, and unfortunately at this stage the country does not have enough EHPs. The World Health Organisation recommends 1 EHP per 10 000 population and currently, in many metros and municipalities, you would be lucky if you have 1 per 45000 population.

      Kind regards,

      ASC Consultants

  2. Hi

    What happens if the health hazard is fatal, is the business given a longer prohibition order or will it be permanently closed?


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