Regulation 11 – Duties of a Food Handler (10 min)

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12 thoughts on “Regulation 11 – Duties of a Food Handler (10 min)”

  1. Hi there,

    With regards to trainings, how often should trainings be conducted to ensure we are up to date? And does ASC have follow up trainings?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Nolwazi,

      We recommend training as often as necessary to ensure food handlers comply with all the requirements and also when new processes and procedures are put in place.

      In general we recommend at a minimum yearly refresher training for all staff.

      ASC Consultants

    • Hi Mbali,

      Basic food safety legislation is a legal requirement. The refusal to comply is a contravention of the legal requirements. It is important to encourage and establish a good food safety culture withing a food handling business. Therefore good communication and sufficient training for all staff is very important.

      ASC Consultants

    • Hi Darren,

      Please note any course content created by ASC Consultants is copyright protected, which means you are not allowed to make a copy for distribution. With that said you are welcome to use our content as a guide for your staff training. If unsure, you are welcome to get in touch with us for guidance regarding the re-use of our content.

      Have a great day!

      ASC Consultants

    • Hi Michael,

      A food handler can only wear a plain wedding band (no grooves or stones). It must be easy to clean during handwashing routines. No other jewellery is allowed on fingers, hands or forearms.

      Kind Regards,

      ASC Support

  2. Hi there,

    What sort of training should food handlers receive? Do they have to do accredited courses? It mentions that they are required to be trained annually, does this mean they need to do the same training again as a refresher?

    Thank you for your time and a great course.

    • Hi Lizanne

      Thank you! Please see below responses to your questions:

      Question 1: Basic food safety training that incorporates the four hazard categories, basic food safety practices, and principles, and food contamination prevention methods (basic GMPS). Please include duties of food handlers as prescribed by regulation R638 in your training.

      Question 2: No. It is not necessary for food handlers to receive accredited courses. You may decide to train them yourself after having received and passed appropriate training e.g. this training you are attending. If you want, you can use training providers. It is entirely up to you.

      Question 3: You can perhaps start with giving them comprehensive training and a subsequent training intervention (refresher) could just be an overview of what was done initially. Alternatively, you can provide the same training many times over.

      Thank you for attending our course.

    • Hi Andre,

      It is currently illegal to smoke within 10 meters from public entrances which will also include kitchen doors. The smoking of tobacco products should not affect other non-smoking employees and the public. It is important for employers to have a smoking policy in place.

      Please have a look at this article for more information: Smoking in the Workplace.

      Kind Regards,

      ASC Consultants Support Team


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