Regulation 10 – Duties of the Person in Charge of Food Premises (17 min)

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6 thoughts on “Regulation 10 – Duties of the Person in Charge of Food Premises (17 min)”

  1. If a customer finds 1 x crumbed calamari in his/her place of crumbed chicken strips, would this be a traceability issue?

    • Hi Darren,

      It is considered more of a quality issue. The customer was expecting one thing but received something else. Keep in mind it can become a food safety issue if the product contains, for example, allergens which may affect the consumer.

      It also depends on the situation. For example, did the chef in the restaurant made a mistake or was it a packaged and sealed product with labelling indicating “chicken strips” but the content was calamari strips? With incorrect labelling, traceability will definitely play a role. The food manufacturer will have to recall the product from their customer’s shelves. In order to do an effective recall a traceability system must be in place.

      ASC Consultants

  2. Thank you so much for the video. Our facilitator takes his time to make sure he explains every important points in a very understandable and clear manner. The material is also user friendly

    We are blessed to have such a person who do this with passion.


  3. The sound of the video ‘Product Recall and Traceability’ is very poor – difficult to hear at 100% volume.

    • Hi Gunter,

      Thank you very much for the feedback. We have decided to remove the video for the time being until we can replace it with something more suitable.

      Kind Regards,

      ASC Consultants Support Team


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