What is Food Safety and Why is It Important? (15 min)

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  1. Food that is prepared and is still hot may take more than 2 hrs to cool down before placing in a fridge. It does also depend in what season we are? If its still hot we should place it in a fridge til cooled down?

    • Hi Paul,

      It is vital to cool the food down to at least 21 degrees Celsius before putting it in the fridge. Hot food in a refrigerator can affect the temperature inside the refrigerator and put other food items at risk.

      Food must be cooled down to at least 21 degrees Celsius within 2 hours. If this is not achieved, the food must be reheated and cooled down again, but this should be avoided where possible.

      Possible ways to cool food down quickly is:

      1. Food can be divided into smaller portions.
      2. Where possible stir it frequently to speed up the cooling process.
      3. Keep in mind stainless steel containers can help cool down food faster than plastic containers.
      4. Some businesses use ice paddles to help cool down soups and stews.
      5. The easiest is to put the containers with food in an ice bath.

      I hope this is helpful.

      Kind regards,

      ASC Support

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