The Consequences of Not Adhering to Food Safety Practices (25 min)

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4 thoughts on “The Consequences of Not Adhering to Food Safety Practices (25 min)”

  1. Good day
    May I ask, with an incident like the recent shortage of poultry & eggs due to the AH7 bird flu..
    If I had bought chicken from a locally, well recognized butcher, trusting that the item would be safe and a customer falls ill due to something as above, but the item was served from my business, eg: a chicken burger ..
    Would I then be liable?

    • Hi Aaliyah,

      If the consumer got sick, and decided to take action against you, yes. Similarly to you having bought products from the butcher, the consumer trusted and bought the product from you. Their recourse is therefore to take action against you as a business as they bought from you. However, you can always pass the liability to the supplier if they were negligent and you didn’t deliberately sell the product that was contaminated.

      ASC Consultants


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